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From the WordPress 4.9.3 release post: This maintenance release fixes 34 bugs in 4.9, including fixes for Customizer changesets, widgets, visual editor, and PHP 7.2 compatibility.

WordPress 4.9.3 contains 34 bug fixes.

Canonical URLs

#15397 – Redirect to the correct URL when the post date changes.

Code Editor

#42802 – Disable attr-value-double-quotes HTMLHint rule since too strict for user input.
#42586 – Add Ctrl/Cmd+F as aliases for persistent search for more intuitive behaviour.
#42850 – Replaces JSHint with esprima.


#42497 – Improve accuracy of message displayed when accessing Customizer with a changeset that is already published or trashed.
#42674 – Prevent showing SFTP theme installation notification in multisite when user cannot install themes.
#42655 – Use changeset-specific “locked” messages when branching is enabled.
#42975 – Prevent frontend previewing from causing a customization lock on the changeset.
#42686 – Let default status for Customizer be draft if user does not have capability to publish.
#42565 – Correct “Add Items” button reference in help text shown after creating a new menu.
#42450 – Ensure customize_autosaved requests only use revision of logged-in user.
#42991 – Include nav menu item for Home custom link in search results for “Home”.
#42495 – Ensure media playlists get initialized after selective refresh; expose new wp.playlist.initialize() API.
#42658 – Ensure heartbeat keeps changeset locked when in branching mode.


#42693 – Don’t send notifications for site or network admin email address change to the default ‘admin_email’ value.


#42862 – Update Twemoji to 2.4.0.
#42862 – Update emoji base URL in _print_emoji_detection_script() and wp_staticize_emoji().


#43088 – Restore white background of the content area in media modal.
#42643 – Introduce a custom error handler for MediaElement.js to display a download link if a FLV file cannot be rendered for any reason.
#42646 – Store and reuse image cropper ratio settings if available, instead of overwriting.
#42646 – Fix JSHint error after #42595.
#39859 – Avoid page scrolling when opening the media modal.


#43016 – Update review filter links in Details modal.


#42597 – Add existing term_id to the error data object when attempting to create a duplicate term.


#42697 – Make install_languages capability check less restrictive.


#43090 – On the toolbar drop-downs apply overflow style on the actual element with text.
#42908 – When keeping the scroll position treat all shortcodes as preview-able.
#42722 – Backport bug fixes to NotificationManager, WindowManager and MultiRange.


#43005 – In postMessage events handler, check for message object existence before checking its action property.
#43103 – Only trigger Background Update processes from within the core update check when a core autoupdate is on offer.


#43003 – Prevent checkValidity from running on a form when widget is first adding to sidebar.
#42740 – Allow relative/partial URLs in Image Widget’s link field.
#43125 – Ensure media is explicitly enqueued from Text widget in case Media widgets are unregistered.


#43109 – Use a PCRE syntax which supports PCRE compiled between 2003 and 2006.

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